How do I buy a subscription?

You can register for an account on our website. After you verify your account, you log into our website and go to the "BUY" page of the extension you want to buy, you choose your subscription and follow the instruction to finish your payment, or you can just go to the page, choose a subscription and register for an account in the checkout page.

How do I extend my subscription?

You just need to purchase for a new subscription.

If I buy a 30 days subscription it means that your script will run only for 30 days on my server?

When you buy a 30 days subscription, you can download the package to install it in your Joomla! website, and you have 30 days to receive support from us. For example, you have problem with installation, you need help to set up the component, you get some errors, etc... so you can ask us for support and we will help you. You can use the extension forever without any restriction.

I purchased for a lifetime subscription, but your system says that my subscription will end in 10 years. Why?

Don't worry about it, your subscription will never end. It is a problem with PHP, it has a maximum value for a 32-bit signed integer for date, our subscription system requires an end date for a subscription.

What payment method do you accept?

We only accept payments via PayPal.

Where can I find support?

For support, we provide support in forum and via ticket system for subscribers.

  • Forum support: Forum is where you ask about the products. If you have issues with the products we will help you but we don't ask for your site access or fix the issues for you, we only give you suggestions to solve.
  • Ticket support: This support is only for who bought the products and has active subscription. Ticket support has higher priority than forum support, we only answer the posts in the forum when all support tickets are done. We could ask for your site information to debug your problem and fix it directly on your server for you. Subscribers also have ability to download patches and bug fixes.

How to download product after purchase?

After you make your payment, please log into our website (if you are still logged in, please log out and log in again). Now when you access the download page of the product you've just purchased, you can see the packages you need to download. If you don't see them, please contact us.

Which versions of Joomla! are your programs compatible with?

Our extensions are always compatible with the latest stable Joomla!. Some extensions could run on Joomla! 2.5.x but because Joomla! doesn't support those versions any more so we recommend you use the latest stable version of Joomla!. We do not give support if you have problems when running our extensions on unsupported versions of Joomla!.

Do I have to purchase again to get new update releases?

You are only able to access the packages when your subscription is active, so you need to purchase again (extend your subscription) to download new versions. If your subscription is a lifetime subscription, you don't need to extend your subscription.

Can I get a refund?

You can get your refund in 15 days since the day you buy the extension. After receiving your refund, your subscription will be no longer active, you can't download or receive support from us any more.

Your domain is ".vn", are you from Vietnam?

Yes, we are Vietnamese and we live in Vietnam.

What is your working/support time? Do you work at weekend or in holidays?

We live in Vietnam so our timezone is GMT+7 and we are not a company so we don't have any working timetable. We work and support you any time we are online, even at weekend or national holidays. But like you and other people, sometimes we still need to time for daily activities. Our support at weekend and in national holidays could be slower because we want to spend time for our families.

Could I have an invoice for what I purchased?

You log into the site, go to Account -> Your Subscriptions on the top menu, you will see your subscriptions and PDF invoices for them.

How long do you answer my question in forum or reply my support ticket?

We will get back to you as soon as possible right after we receive your message. Maybe because we are in different timezones so you could receive our feedback in a few hours later, but we will try to not let you wait more than 24 hours.

My question is not listed here.

Please email your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post it on our forum, we will get back to you as soon as possible.