We are pleased to announce the new version of CM Coupon Listing - 2.0.0 - is released for beta testing.

In the release, CM Coupon Listing has some changes and new features:

  • Customizable coupon modal size (for non-responsive layout only).
  • Meta tag description and keywords for individual merchant and coupon.
  • Sub-category.
  • Change merchant's name and merchant's alias when save as copy.
  • Affiliate link for coupon code.
  • Customizable offer types, disable offer types that you don't want to use.
  • Guest or registered users can submit coupon.
  • Vote for good and bad coupon. If coupon is good, ask voter how much he/she saved and what items he/she bought. If coupon is bad, ask voter the reason why.
  • Send email to admins when new coupon is submitted.

Since this release you can get the documentation at http://cm-coupon-listing.readthedocs.org.

You can try the front-end demo of this new version at CM Coupon Listing demo site http://couponlistingdemo.cmext.vn/.

CM Coupon Listing subscribers can download this new release at the component's download area. If you are not a subscriber, please purchase a subscription here.

If you are running CM Coupon Listing in a production site, please try to upgrade in a test site, always backup before upgrade. If there is any problem, please contact us for support.

If you find any bug, have suggestions and feedback, please contact us in our forum or email us.

Thank you for your support!