CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 Beta is released

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 Beta! This beta includes many bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with Joomla! cache.


  • Solution to fix the conflict between MooTools and Bootstrap 2 is applied by default.
  • Search function in back-end's deal list and front-end's deal list looks into merchant's name and merchant's about, this gives ability to search for deals from a specific merchant faster.
  • Deal's URL and deal's title are applied to browser's address bar and browser's tab title when a deal popup is opened in deal list.
  • Option to change the width of deal image thumbnail in deal list.
  • Translations (not 100% full) for Spanish (es-ES, translated by ServiApps) and Portuguese (pt-PT, translated by Eugênio Telles) are now included by default. Thank to Eugênio and ServiApps for your contributions!

New features:

  • Option to allow or forbid merchant to edit deal after deal is published.
  • Option to allow or forbid guest to claim coupon without registration.
  • Coupon quantity can be limited or unlimited. This gives merchant ability to limit how many coupon he wants to give for his deal.
  • Email notification to merchant when there is a new coupon captured.
  • Options to provide info for deal's original price, discounted price, discounted value and discounted percent. With these info, customer can quickly know how much they can save without reading the whole deal's description or terms and conditions.
  • Options to configure the currency used on the site.
  • Option to display a price tag at the top left corner of every deal in deal list. This price tag can contain discounted price, discounted value or discounted percent of deal.


Thank you for reporting problems and suggesting new features and improvements to us ! Please try this beta release, if you encounter any problem or have any suggestion, please let us know!

If everything is good, we will release a stable release and update our current Android application to add the new releases from this beta.

You can try the demo site which was updated to 1.4.0:

You can check the user guide for 1.4.0 here: