CM Live Deal 1.5.0 Beta

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.5.0.

CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 fixes 1 problem in 1.4.2:

  • Unpublished and expired deals were still accessed directly.

Some changes in 1.5.0:

  • "Geolocation service", "Search radius from user's location" options are moved from "Deal" tab to "Geolocation" tab in the component's configuration.
  • "Location cookie's lifetime" option is removed. Now we use Joomla! session to remember user's location instead of using cookie.

CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 also comes with new features:

  • New module for displaying a list of categories.
  • New module for displaying a list of cities.
  • New module for displaying a list featured merchants,
  • New menu item "Merchant detail" to provide SEF URL for a new page for merchant detail. This page displays merchant's info and list of merchant's deals.
  • PDF coupon is now supported.
  • Friendly URL is supported. Please see for more detail.

We would like to say thank to CMLiveDeal users for the new feature requests and the bug reports that you made! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 or if you have any idea to suggest!

You can try the demo site which was updated to 1.5.0:

You can check the user guide for 1.5.0 here: