CMLiveDeal 1.9.0 Stable is released

CMLiveDeal 1.9.0 is released to fix a critical bug and introduces a new feature.

In CMLiveDeal 1.8.2, we fixed some issues to make CMLiveDeal work with Falang, however it created unexpected bug in category module and city module. If we clicked on the item in the modules, we got SQL error "Table 'falang_content' doesn't exist" if Falang was not installed. This bug is fixed in 1.9.0, if you use Falang you will need to set "Falang integration" to "Enabled" in the component's configuration.

The new feature in CMLiveDeal is featured deal, you can set deals as "featured", display them on the top of deal list or add "featured" ribbon to its top right corner in deal list. You can find these options in under "Deal list" tab in configuration. You can set deals as featured in back-end's deal list and deal form.

Thank you for reporting the bug of Falang integration! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or find out any problems in CMLiveDeal 1.9.0.