CMExtension is pleased to announce the first beta release of CMLiveDeal 1.7. This beta includes some bug fixes and new features.

Bug fixes:

  • Failed to change deal's dates in back-end when Membership Pro integration was enabled.
  • New submitted deal was not approved automatically when Membership Pro integration was disabled and auto-approve was enabled.
  • Not all cities displayed in merchant map in back-end.

New features and improvements:

  • Bootstrap front-end framework version 3 is now supported. Now you can use CMLiveDeal wth Bootstrap 3 template.
  • Gird column in deal list is supported. Instead of having only 1 column in deal list, now you can configure to have 2, 3 or 4 columns.
  • Option to disable FontAwesome is added. You can disable FontAwesome loading in CMLiveDeal if another extension (template, plugin) already loads FontAwesome.
  • Expired coupons are not clickable in user's coupon list. Because expired coupons can't be printed any more, it confuses users when showing the links to printing page but that page shows 404 error.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem in this beta release or if you have any question!

We would like to thank to all CMLiveDeal users who have supported us and have tested CM Live Deal 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 Beta!

We are happy to release 1.6.2 Stable, this release fixes 1 bug in 1.6.1: 404 error when viewing coupon.

If you have any question for this release or you find out any new problem, please feel free to contact us!

More new features will come in future releases!

We just released CMLiveDeal 1.6.1 Beta to fix a bug in 1.6.0 - we got 404 error when capturing a coupon.

Thank you so much for testing and reporting this bug to us!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you discover any problem in this beta release or have any question.

CMExtension would like to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.6.0 Beta!

This release contains some bug fixes, improvements and a new feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Not able to select deal when manually creating a coupon in back-end.
  • Deal's ending date was not generated when integrating with Membership Pro and auto-approving deal was enabled.

We would like to say thank to CMLiveDeal for all of your support and contributions for helping us test CMLiveDeal 1.5.x. Today we are happy to release 1.5.2 Stable.

CMLiveDeal 1.5.2 fixes 2 problems in 1.5.1 Beta:

  • Searching by keyword didn't work.
  • Incorrect deal quantity in Cities module.

There is also 1 new feature which many users requested: ability to copy information of subscriber from Membership Pro to CMLiveDeal merchant's profile. The integration is very simple, you can see it in the documentation.

Our documentation and our demo site were updated to 1.5.2:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem or question for CMLiveDeal 1.5.2.

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.5.0.

CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 fixes 1 problem in 1.4.2:

  • Unpublished and expired deals were still accessed directly.

Some changes in 1.5.0:

  • "Geolocation service", "Search radius from user's location" options are moved from "Deal" tab to "Geolocation" tab in the component's configuration.
  • "Location cookie's lifetime" option is removed. Now we use Joomla! session to remember user's location instead of using cookie.

After releasing CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 last week, we received some bug reports from CMLiveDeal users, so today we release 1.5.1 to fix those problems:

  • Incorrect ending time of deal when integrating with Membership Pro. This problem didn't happen to all users, it depended on how you use Membership Pro, so we didn't recognize this problem until now. There is also a new Joomla! plugin "Membership Pro - CM Live Deal integration" to help integrate with Membership Pro and fix this bug, you need to enable this plugin after you update to 1.5.1 (it is installed automatically when you update). We also added a new tool to re-calculate your deals's ending times, we suggest you run this tool after you update to 1.5.1.
  • The fields in merchant registration form were always "required", although in the plugin setting they were set to "optional".

We want say thank to CMLiveDeal users for help us test CMLiveDeal 1.5.0 and all users who have supported CMLiveDeal!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with CMLiveDeal 1.5.1 or if you have any idea to suggest!

CMExtension is pleased to release CMLiveDeal 1.4.2 stable. This version fixes 2 problems in 1.4.1 Beta:

  • Incorrect click tracking for deal. It was caused by a JavaScript issue in deal list.
  • Clear button didn't reset category filter in search module.

We would like to thank to CMLiveDeal users for your support, your ideas and your bug reports!

More and more new cool features will be added to CMLiveDeal soon. Now we start working for the release of 1.5.0. Please stay tuned!

We are pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.4.1 Beta to fix some bugs in 1.4.0 Beta:

  • In deal list, deal modal's black background didn't disappear after modal was closed. This bug only happened in Internet Explorer 9 or older versions.
  • Deal's ending time was not calculated correctly when Membership Pro integration was enabled. This bug only affected the users who used Membership Pro.

Thank you for reporting these bugs to us! Please update CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 to fix these bugs. If you encounter any problem please feel free to contact us!

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.4.0 Beta! This beta includes many bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with Joomla! cache.


  • Solution to fix the conflict between MooTools and Bootstrap 2 is applied by default.
  • Search function in back-end's deal list and front-end's deal list looks into merchant's name and merchant's about, this gives ability to search for deals from a specific merchant faster.
  • Deal's URL and deal's title are applied to browser's address bar and browser's tab title when a deal popup is opened in deal list.
  • Option to change the width of deal image thumbnail in deal list.
  • Translations (not 100% full) for Spanish (es-ES, translated by ServiApps) and Portuguese (pt-PT, translated by Eugênio Telles) are now included by default. Thank to Eugênio and ServiApps for your contributions!

We are pleased to announce the beta version of CMLiveDeal 1.3.0!

1.3.0 Beta has 2 bug fixes:

  • Bug in searching for deals.
  • Bug in uninstalling the component.

And some new features/options:

  • Option to hide merchant's photos in deal's popup.
  • Option to automatically approve and publish new submitted deal. Administrators don't need to manually check and publish new deal.
  • Coupon QR code is available. QR code will be used with Merchant mobile application in future.
  • Membership Pro's subscription renewal is now supported. When renew a subscription, the expiration dates of merchant's deals will be extended. This gives merchants ability to continue showing their deals without upgrading to higher subscription level which they don't need, this also gives site owners changes to earn more money.

Thank you for your support, bug reports and suggestions for CMLiveDeal!

If you encounter any problem in this beta release please let us know!

CMExtension is proud to release the first version of CMLiveDeal Customer application for Android mobile device. This version is for CMLiveDeal subscribers to test and give us feedback to improve the app in future, together with applying the ideas to the iOS version which will be developed soon.

As we announced about the development for CMLiveDeal's mobile apps, this Android app is 1 of the 4 mobile app for CMLiveDeal, there will be another app for merchant on Android, 1 app for customer on iOS and 1 app for merchant on iOS.

If you are a subscriber of CMLiveDeal, you can get the source code of this app for free here.

If you are not a subscriber yet, you will need to purchase for CMLiveDeal subscription to be able to get CMLiveDeal Joomla! component and this mobile app's source code.

You can find the setup documentation for the app here.

There were so many users requesting for mobile applications for our extensions CM Live Deal and CM Group Buying. So we decided to give a try: let's make one!

Most people wanted a hybrid mobile application powered by PhoneGap/Cordova because

  • It is easy to customize: if you know web development then you can customize the source code of the application easily.
  • It is low cost for maintenance: hiring a web developer or a PhoneGap/Cordova developer is cheaper than hiring an Android application developer or an iOS application developer.
  • One source code, run everywhere: your application can run on almost all mobile operating systems, this gives you great ability to reach wider user base, from Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), to Windows Phone, BlackBerry, even Firefox phone or Ubuntu phone in future.

CMExtension would like to announce the release of CM Live Deal 1.2.1 for fixing some issues in 1.2.0 version:

  • Coupon template record was not created automatically for new installation.
  • Bug in Search module which caused failure in applying module's parameters.
  • Solution for fixing the conflict between Google Maps and Bootstrap 2 is now applied by default in the component.
  • Missing translation strings for "New deals" and "Ending soon deals" in deal list.

We would like to say thanks to CM Live Deal users for your support, your bug reports and your contributions! Please stay tune, more new features will come soon!

CMExtension is happy to announce the release of CM Live Deal 1.2.0.

In this release, we fixed some bugs and issues from the previous release:

  • Untranslated "JFIELD_PLG_SEARCH_SEARCHLIMIT_DESC" text is now removed in front-end.
  • Category filter in search form displayed all categories no matter what status they were. Now the filter only display published categories.
  • Fixed bug in merchant profile, sometimes the profile was not saved.

We would like to announce that CM Live Deal 1.1.0 Beta is now available to download.

This version includes a new option for detecting user's location via HTML5 Geolocation. Now you have 2 options for that: using HTML5 Geolocation service or using MaxMind service.

1.1.0 fixes a bug in deal's modal in deal list page: the "Get coupon" button is not visible in mobile devices because a bug in Bootstrap 2.

Thank you for your all suggestions and bug reports for making the component better!

We just uploaded CM Live Deal 1.0.2 Beta installation package and quickstart package.

CM Live Deal 1.0.2 fixes a bug in searching deals in user's location, aside from that there is no other changes.

CM Live Deal subscribers can download 1.0.2 here. If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support!

CMExtension team is proud to announce the release of CM Live Deal 1.0.1 Beta!

This new release fixes the following issues in 1.0.0 Beta:

  • "?tmpl=component" was included in coupon download page's SEF URL.
  • 24 hours format didn't work.
  • Merchant info on coupon was not displayed or was not correct.

Thank you very much for using CM Live Deal and reporting the issues to us! We hope we will receive more feedbacks from you in future!

We are happy to announce the first release of our new deal extension CM Live Deal!

Different to other traditional deal site, the offer in CM Live Deal is limited-time and real-time offer which is created by site administrator or merchant. Offer can be started or stopped by merchant at any time.

User can browse for the deals in his/her city and claim the deals without paying to website. After getting coupon, user can print it or show it to merchant to redeem and receive discount from merchant.

You can find out more info about CM Live Deal here or check the documention with more instructions and screenshots. See how CM Live Deal works at the demo site.

After buying a subscription for CM Live Deal, you will receive updates, bug fixes, support in lifetime (forever). Buy CM Live Deal now!

If you have any question, if you discover any bug or simply you want request for new features, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post in our forum.

We have been working for new Joomla! extension for instant deals / discount offers. Can't wait to release our new product!