While rebuilding our component CMGroupBuying, we wanted to add a social login feature into it, and we realize that not only CMGroupBuying but also other components of us needed this feature. So we decided to build a standalone Joomla! extension for authentication via social networks, we could integrate and use this extension in all of our other extensions.

Now this extension is completed, it is called "CM Social Connect" and it is free. You can download and use it freely on your site, our other extensions (like CMGroupBuying) are not required in running it.

There are 3 supported social networks: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

You can download CM Social Connect on Github: https://github.com/cmextension/cmsocialconnect/releases/

The documentation is hosted on Read The Docs: http://cm-social-connect.readthedocs.org/

You can try CM Social Connect on our demo site: http://donationdemo.cmext.vn/