CMGroupBuying 2.8.1 is a maintenance release for updating and providing some improvements in CMGroupBuying:

  • Autopost plugin is updated to be compatible with the latest Facebook API's version.
  • RSS feed is Improved.
  • Improvement in CMLandingPopup plugin.
  • Countdown script is updated to the latest version.
  • Starter kit is updated to the latest versions of Joomla!, Akeeba Backup, ACYMailing and K2.
  • Fixed a bug in free coupon's review.

If you have any question for CMGroupBuying 2.8.1 please feel free to contact us.

CMLiveDeal 1.8.0 Beta is released

CMExtension would like to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.8.0 Beta, this beta includes 2 new features:

  • New configuration option to limit 1 coupon for registered user per deal: before 1.8.0 version, every registered user only can get 1 coupon for a deal, now you can disable this and let user gets unlimited coupon quantity for every deal.
  • Akeeba Subscription integration: similar to the integration with Membership Pro component, now CMLiveDeal has integration with Akeeba Subscription for charging merchant.

Important note: Akeeba Subscription is a free membership component from Akeeba Backup, however there is no support provided from Akeeba Backup, even paid support. So if you decide to use Akeeba Subscription, you should ensure that you can solve your problems with Akeeba Subscription by yourself.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for this release or if you find any bugs!

CMShortURL - Joomla! component for shortening URL

CMExtension would like to announce the first release of our new Joomla! extension - CMShortURL!

CM Short URL is a Joomla! component for shortening URL, it also provides option to add Google Analytics tracking parameters to URL before shortening and option to log visits of shortened URLs.

If your Joomla! ecommerce site has a long URL like this

Why don't make it shorter like this before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or forums

If the long URL is changed, you can simply change it in CM Short URL and the short URL still works and takes your customers to the correct page for Christmas products.

The short URL is easier to remember, easier to share while talking, easier and faster to type in mobile devices.

CMLiveDeal 1.7.1 Stable is released

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.7.2 to fix some bugs in 1.7.1:

  • PHP error/white page when editing deal in front-end.
  • Missing 1 file of FontAwesome.
  • Layout issue in deal list.

Thank you for reporting these bugs! Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for this release!

CMK2Inline 1.1.0 is available

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMK2Inline 1.1.0!

CMK2Inline 1.1.0 adds support for K2's Link extra field, now you can edit link's text, URL and target right in K2's item list.

CMK2Inline 1.1.0 also adds a new option in configuration to truncate text of Text, Textarea and Link extra fields if they are longer than the length that you configure. Now long field's value doesn't break your item list's layout any more.

The subscribers of CMK2Inline can download 1.1.0 version here.

If you have any question for CMK2Inline 1.1.0, please don't hesitate to contact us!