Joomla! Extension Customization

The extensions you use on your Joomla! website don't have some features that you need? We can help you customize the extensions and add those features to your website. No matter what type the extensions are - components, modules, or plugins - we can help you find solutions.

Why let us customize your extensions

Thinking about updates

We try to make the modifications easy to maintain, you don't lose them when you update your extensions or Joomla! in future.

No core hacked

We try to avoid modifying the core files of the extensions and Joomla!, that could lead to unexpected bugs, difficulties in maintenance, and you couldn't update Joomla! or your extensions.

Easy to copy

We often use Joomla! layout override technique and Joomla! plugins to customize. To have the same modifications on other websites, you just need to install the plugins or copy the layout files. No coding required. You save money and time!

Your site, your decision

We always ask for your decisions for the changes we will make. This helps you know what we do and makes it easier for you to maintain the site. We don't silently do anything just to make the work done as soon as possible to get your money.

Joomla! Extension Development

You searched but you didn't find any extensions which fitted your needs? Let us build custom extensions to make your website idea a reality. The extension could be a Joomla! component, module, plugin or all of them, with our experience we can build them quickly.

Why let us build your next extensions

Our experience

We have built many Joomla! components, modules and plugins for 4 years. They are free, commerical and private extensions for our clients. With our experience we can build your extensions quickly.

Coding standards

Our code follows Joomla! coding standards. We build components in Model-View-Controller pattern.

Familiar user interface

In back-end, we follow Joomla!'s user interface. In front-end, we follow your template's look and feel.

Free bug fix

If you find bugs in the extensions, even if after they are delivered to you, you can contact us to fix them for free. Your site's stability is our high priority.

Payment Gateway Integration

We have worked with many payment gateways around the world. We can help you if you need to integrate a payment gateway to your Joomla! extension.

Payment services we have worked with

Grav Website And Plugin Development Service

We also have a website development service which uses Grav CMS to build low cost websites for individuals and small businesses who have small budgets.

Some websites which we built with Grav CMS

Flat-file Developer

Website for our Grav CMS development service. We help clients build their next websites with Grav CMS, the websites could be converted from HTML templates, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!, or even a new one from scratch.

Vận Tải Sài Gòn - Phú Quốc

Vận Tải Sài Gòn - Phú Quốc is a transportation service which transports goods between Phú Quốc island and the mainland of Việt Nam. It currently supports transportation in Hồ Chí Minh city, Bình Dương, Đồng Nai and Vũng Tàu.

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